tiguar smart heavy bar rack

Stable and heavy-duty, tiguar heavy bars rack was made of the high quality steel. The permanent fixtures of the rack are the base and the long profile, to which the hanger with 4 compartments is attached. The construction is able to hold 32 heavy bars, 8 in each compartment. At the bottom part, there is a wide base the bars lean on. This protects the floor from scratching and the equipment from damage.

tiguar racks mean not only ergonomics, order, hygiene and longer lifespan of your equipment. It's also the optimal usage of a space in your club which will be given aesthetic and modern look due to our racks' design.


The new tiguar smart line has been designed as a system ready for assembly, modification and easy transport. Flat, compact profile of the racks is the space saving storage solution that enables intuitive access to accessories. These replaceable accessories make it possible to rebuild that system on user’s own and adjust it to the changing needs. Simple form, high functionality and surprisingly low price are the major hallmarks of the new tiguar racks line.

  • Dimensions: height: 180 cm, width: 56 cm, depth: 44 cm
  • 12 month warranty
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